Weekend Recap: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Nerd3, and YouTube channel prep

Had a great weekend. It was fairly quiet, as usual, but it’s okay. We enjoy that. It seems that the weather was quite confused during the weekend… it went from beautiful sunshine to hail and back in a span of hours. It was all good, though. We went out for our walks during the sunshine and managed to get home again before it started raining and hailing.

As usual, we spent the weekend playing games. For me, the weekend was consumed by MineCraft, SWTOR, and a new one to my collection: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

Now, I’ve played the previous Roller Coaster Tycoon games in the past (a long, long… long time ago), but had never picked up the 3rd. I hadn’t seen the point, really… I mean, how many times can you make a game about making an amusement park? Well, apparently the answer to that is 3. The third game is a great step forward from the 2nd. While the basics are pretty much the same as the previous game (again, how different could it be), they’ve added 3D to the game, which makes the game a lot more fun. You can ride your rides, spin around the world, and see everything from the height of your visitors. Great game. You can get the game, bundled with the Soaked! And Wild! expansions, at Good Old Games for $19.99 (about £12.90, if xe.com is to be believed).

It’s thanks to one of my favourite YouTubers that I ended up playing this game at all. Recently, I’ve been watching videos from Nerd3’s Gaming channel and have come across his Let’s Play of RCT3  (entitled Nerd3 Completes… RCT3). Great stuff. At times it’s had me almost falling out of my chair laughing. I’ve finally caught up on this series and am eagerly awaiting his next post in it.

If you’re ever looking for some entertaining video game related videos to watch, you should definitely check him out. He has a variety of Let’s Plays (too many for me to list, but he’s all over the board in terms of game styles), as a nice ‘Three Free Games Friday’ series where he covers… well, 3 free games every Friday. Now, it’s very possible that you’ve already heard of him (he has over 665000 subscribers on his Nerd3 Gaming channel alone), but if you haven’t, you should definitely go check him out!

Also, found this weekend that his dad has started his own YouTube channel along the same vein as Nerd3 Gaming channel. They have made a few Let’s Play videos together for the normal channel in the past, and he’s apparently decided to break off and make his own channel – Dad3. Only 1 video posted so far (uploaded a couple days ago – Dad3 Plays… Kerbal Space Program) but it already has over 171000 views and seems to promise the same hilarity that Dan on Nerd3 offers.

On the topic of YouTube channels, I’ve decided that I’ll finally start my own. I’ve been talking about doing this for… much longer than I’d like to admit. I haven’t yet posted any videos, so I won’t bother linking to anything yet, but I’ve been doing research and prep-work for getting set up. I’m expecting to post a quick introduction video hopefully later this week, and then will likely follow up with a Let’s Play video series. I figure I’ll start with something simple (and generally over-done): MineCraft. I was thinking of laying out a set of goals and then starting a hardcore mode world. I won’t claim to be very good at the game, but barring any stupid mistakes, I should be able to survive long enough to make an entertaining series. I spent a bunch of time practicing on hardcore mode this weekend and think it should go smoothly enough… I hope…

That being said, anyone have suggestions on something else to play? I’m definitely not married to the idea of playing Minecraft. I’ve considered Gnomoria or fortress mode Dwarf Fortress, but I’m not sure how engaging those games would be… I think I’d just end up having the video on fast-forward for large periods of time until I suddenly come to a crashing end, being overrun by goblins who invaded my fortress through a hole in a wall that some silly dwarf/gnome decided to dig out for no particular reason (seems to be what always happens ^^; ). If you have any thoughts, leave them in the comments. I’ll play pretty much anything, although I’m not fond of ‘shock’ games (pretty much anything that has a bunch of ‘reaction cam’ videos on YouTube).

I’m not sure what the timescale will be for getting the first videos out (it’ll depend on how long it takes to get everything working together and how long the editing takes). Stay tuned and I’ll let everyone know once they’re up!


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About Chris Provencher

I'm a writer, gamer, blogger, all around geek, and (in my working hours) a Programme Manager for Skillsoft. I'm French Canadian born, married to an American, and transplanted to the UK with aspirations of one day moving to Japan.

3 responses to “Weekend Recap: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Nerd3, and YouTube channel prep”

  1. Liz Provencher says :

    I don’t think you realize the ramifications of this statement, “some silly dwarf/gnome decided to dig out for no particular reason”. They are not silly, they are spies and your lackadaisical viewpoint on them is allowing their sabotage. Kill the Spies!

  2. Skajaquada says :

    If you want to play something on your channel, try a game called Eversion. It’s an NES style indie game, and last I checked it was free. I think you might enjoy it.

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